De Ultieme Jet Ski

Ultra 310LX

De Ultra 310LX is zonder twijfel het vlaggenschip van de Kawasaki Jet Ski-vloot. Metallic lak en verchroomde accenten geven deze luxe driezits krachtpatser nog eens een extra stijlvol uiterlijk. 

De Ultra 310LX onderscheidt zich ook door unieke kenmerken als het nieuwe Jetsound-audiosysteem (een primeur op dit type watervaartuigen) en de LXuryseat met een nieuwe hittewerende bekleding.


The ULTRA 310LX is equipped with the LXuryseat, a contoured seat designed for enhanced cruising comfort. Shaped for a good ergonomic fit, the LXuryseat offers ultra-comfortable accommodation for three. Enhancing comfort on a hot day, the seat’s new cover is made from a evolutionary new material that resists heat gain, so the seat does not get as hot after sitting in the sun between rides.


For those who feel life is better with a soundtrack, and do not want to be without music when blasting across the water on a supercharged JET SKI, the new Jetsound audio system was made for you! Standard equipment on the ULTRA 310LX, the system includes an amp and audio controller (built into in the handle), and two speakers (positioned below the mirrors). Amp is rated at 20 W (x2 channels); max 40 W x2 channels. Speakers are rated at 30 W each; max 60 W x2.

Marine 1,498 cm3 In-line Four Engine

Fitted with a supercharger and intercooler, the liquid-cooled 1,498 cm3, In-line 4-cylinder marine engine that propels the ULTRA 310 Series
models forward with an exhilarating rush of acceleration produces an
output much greater than a normally aspirated engine of the same
displacement. This is due in large part to the use of a roots type TVS
supercharger, which generates boost even at low rpm to ensure powerful
acceleration, right from idle. A number of changes to increase engine
efficiency – by reducing mechanical loss, and through other improvements
– elevate engine output to 221 kW (300 PS).

Waterproof aluminium case

System is compatible with iPod and iPhone, other smartphones, and other
audio players that have stereo pin jack output. The system can even play
music files from a USB memory stick.

Type motorWatergekoelde, 4-cilinder 4-takt lijnmotor
Cilinderinhoud (cm3)1.498 cm³
Boring x Slag83 x 69,2 mm
KleppensysteemDOHC, 16 kleppen
BrandstofsysteemBrandstof injectie: ø 60 mm x 1
Start systeemElektrisch
Maximum vermogen221 kW {300 PK} / 8.000 tpm
Maximum koppel277 Nm {28,2 kgf•m} / 6.000 tpm
L x B x H3.370 x 1.195 x 1.255 mm
Brandstofcapaciteit78 liter

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