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Ultra 310X

The ULTRA 310X is the “Standard” model of the Series – if any model with a 300 PS output can be called “standard.” With its fantastic new engine, nimble hull, great flagship features and a comfortable two-piece seat that accommodates three passengers, the ULTRA 310X sets the bar for standard commendably high.


Electronic Throttle Valves

Electronic throttle valves efficiently manage the engine’s massive power
output. They also make minute engine control possible, enabling easy
switching between riding modes.

Electric Trim-control System

This convenient system allows the angle of the jet pump nozzle to be
controlled electrically (step-free adjustment range is +/- 8° from STD),
making it easier for riders to adjust the attitude of the hull to suit
water surface conditions and riding style. In rough water, angling the
jet pump upwards raises the bow for rough water handling. Conversely,
when conditions are smooth, angling the jet pump downwards lowers the
bow for turning performance.

Marine 1,498 cm3 In-line Four Engine

Fitted with a supercharger and intercooler, the liquid-cooled 1,498 cm3, In-line 4-cylinder marine engine that propels the ULTRA 310 Series
models forward with an exhilarating rush of acceleration produces an
output much greater than a normally aspirated engine of the same
displacement. This is due in large part to the use of a roots type TVS
supercharger, which generates boost even at low rpm to ensure powerful
acceleration, right from idle. A number of changes to increase engine
efficiency – by reducing mechanical loss, and through other improvements
– elevate engine output to 221 kW (300 PS).

All-digital Instrumentation

The all-digital instrumentation makes use of a single, highly legible
LCD display. A revised design adds a higher quality image and increases
visibility of some of the features.

Type motorWatergekoelde, 4-cilinder 4-takt lijnmotor
Cilinderinhoud (cm3)1.498 cm³
Boring x Slag83 x 69,2 mm
KleppensysteemDOHC, 16 kleppen
BrandstofsysteemBrandstofinjectie: 1 x Ø 60 mm
Start systeemElektrisch
Maximum vermogen221 kW {300 PK} / 8.000 tpm
Maximum koppel277 Nm {28,2 kgf•m} / 6.000 tpm
L x B x H3.370 x 1.195 x 1.150 mm
Brandstofcapaciteit78 liter

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